True sport is a venture that aims to promote sports across the country by identifying and nurturing talent at the grassroot level. The Indian sub-continent with its multi-ethnic population set in geographically varied locations presents a huge challenge for most organizations, both government and private, to successfully create champions on the world stage. The most oft heard comment in this regard is the very familiar "A 1 billion population and just one gold medal at the Olympics". Further, the fact that the winner of this lone gold medalist trained himself is seen by most people as a reflection of the system's inability to spot, nurture and create winners.

True sport, acknowledges the hurdles faced by the concerned agencies, and regardless of the cynicism that exists among the public about Indian sport possibilities, works with government bodies, private institutions and sports persons to provide avenues for talent to gain exposure at all levels including district, state, national and international.

True sport is a semi-commercial venture that enjoys the freedom of re-investing the revenue it earns from various quarters into projects that the management sees potential in. It is an enterprise of passion and the Company is open to partner with any individual or company that shares its vision.

Founded in August, 2009 the Company has taken the initial steps of getting a buy-in from prominent women sports personalities and its first project, which involves the heroines of Indian sport, famous and unsung, getting their due in the form of a well produced desk-top calendar is underway.